Fallout 76 WOW! Over My Head!

Okay, I was playing it safe in my usual way. Building resources, exploring, figuring things out and all. Then today… HOLY MOLY! I began to narrow down on an important quest that I’m pretty sure everyone eventually comes to, but I pressed my luck because I have a lot of stealthy tech and figured I could slip in… and well. Yeah, stealth can get you in close but you may not make it out alive. Heh.

I made it to a bunker which I won’t disclose and was fighting off some pretty high level Scorched when two Scorch Beasts attacked. And that was before it got really bad!! FORTUNATELY, a team of very high level dudes (way over Level 100) rushed in to help me and that caused me to fight with renewed vigor, but those dudes had badass power armor and I had left mine back in my camp. So I was way under armored and even my best gun was no match for what was coming at me. There were giant Mierlurks, Deathclaws and I believe I saw the Scorch Beast Queen. Like I said, at level 46, I was way in over my head. But WOW, it was so exciting.

When I got killed, one of the big dudes hit me with a Stimpak and that kept me going for a few more minutes, but the second time I got killed I didn’t ask for help. Unfortunately, when you die, you RESPAWN and–oh, did I mention that during the battle someone dropped a nuclear missile right next to the bunker?–I respawned right at ground zero of the nuke strike. Heh. Long story short, I got out after burning through a dozen of my own Stimpacks and clearing out all my ammo for my best gun. Heh. I did make it to my camp, got my Power Armor and headed back with a Plasma Gatling and I gave a better account of myself and killed my first Scorch Beast. So a grand time was had by all, but I had to checkout later because I was so amped up. Still am!

Back at camp I took a last look at my old camp. It’s come quite a way since I started but I want a more central location, and I plan to make it a cooler and more fun place to visit. This Vendor thing is really a winner for Fallout 76. So here’s a big WAY TO GO!

That’s me checking out my store.
It’s time to move though, so more to come.

CRITICISMS: I totally understand the criticisms this game has received. Even now, after some very good patches, the servers still drop a couple times every four hours, and it can take a long time to get back in. And the lack of NPCs is only partially compensated for with live players.

BRAVOS: The lack of NPCs is compensated a lot by other players who are, for the most part great people. I play on “Pacifist Mode” and can’t be easily attacked by bad actors, but bad actors have their tricks. Nonetheless, today, when the big boys came to save me it was great. I wish I knew who they were but there wasn’t time for taking names, if you get my meaning.

I’m all in on Fallout 76! 13 Star Flag and all.


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