Fallout 76: Scorch Beasts

In the past I’ve mentioned my Scorch Beast kills and I’m now at 40+. Each kill costs a lot of ammo, but I’m getting better with my technique (reducing the ammo consumption). Anyway, there are Scorch Beasts of various sizes but there’s only one Queen. I haven’t killed a Queen yet, but I’ve been in the fray with a lot of other players and I’ve gotten my share of the loot from a couple kills. So, how big is a Queen. Below are some recent kills.

Average size Scorch Beast

That’s me beside a downed Scorch Beast.
It’s nighttime and it’s skeery.

And then there’s the Queen…

Fallout 76 Scorch Beast Queen

Yeah, that’s me in my coal black Excavator Armor.
And THAT thing is the head of a Queen.
This was a horrendous battle.
2000 rounds of 50 cal ammo.

I’m currently at Level 78 and focused on becoming a kind of girl scout, while preparing to launch a nuke at the Scorch Beast Queen’s underground nest. Launching a nuke is a very complex operation and doing it solo is not going to be easy. Time will tell.

Also, today I bought a full year subscription to a Bethesda Fallout 76 Private Server. I did this because I really like this game and the type of gameplay, but I’m aware that there is an army of nay sayers out there that consider the private servers to be the final act of a desperate gaming company. It’s really surprising how much vitriol there is.

Commentary: For me, it’s as simple as this: I enjoy the whole Fallout series of titles, and the pure, raw adventure of the “Scorched Earth” event fills me with excitement. It is immersive and fun. I realize that people who don’t enjoy the Bethesda experience, but why can’t they simply move on? I would. There are games I wanted to love like Assassins Creed. I tried two different titles of AC but I just never could adapt to the gameplay. I didn’t see the need to tear the title down, I simply accepted that it wasn’t right for me. Hey! I’m no great gamer. Some would say I’m a marginal gamer, but I don’t flinch at paying for Bethesda products. Just saying. I don’t mean to offend.


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