Fallout 76: Level 106

It was a rash decision, to build a new character after I’d already reached level 88, but “Zahava” turned out to be a good idea and she’s now my third character and today she hit level 106. I had a hunch that Bethesda’s Private Servers would have a major change on the game and this is why I started Zava. And today, she launched her first nuke… SOLO. Yeah, I did it all by myself and after burning over 20 Stimpacks and thousands of rounds of exploding ammo, I made the launch from Silo Alpha. I will admit to trying to do the “I Am Become Death” quest three times in the past with my Sandy Lombardia character, but I failed each time, mainly because the server crashed two of those tries.

Before today’s attempt, while procrastinating, I began exploring the curious appearance of murder case files that appeared in my Notes folder. At first I was really puzzled and thought I must have missed some major quest but on doing a looking scouting around I discovered that this was a Bethesda tease. Anyway, I pursued the tease and found my way to Vault 79, a whole new add-on to FO76 expected in the coming months. It was hard to find, but here’s a photo from the door of the vault.

Yordie Sands in Fallout 76

Vault 79 is the sixth vault I’ve discovered in FALLOUT 76.
That’s as far as my new character can go so far.




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