Fallout 76 @ Level 128

My Zahava character has reached level 128, but I suppose my knowledge and skills are at a significantly higher level because of the predecessor characters I’ve created. Nonetheless, I still feel I have a great deal to learn about the game. Here’s a little ditty, I was in the vicinity of Vault 51 the other day and discovered that the door had been wrecked. My guess is that when you begin playing Nuclear Winter that triggers the change in the door. Here’s before and after pics of the entrance.

Vault 51 when I first discovered it,
and the same vault a few days ago.

I turned my posts that dealt with the recent problems I had with Bethesda customer support. I was angry but the incident reminded me of the kinds of things that have happened in gaming many times in the past. I keep hoping that gaming software companies will eventually learn that pushing the envelope on their technology is disrespectful to the people who buy their products. Back in the early days of Microsoft Windows, the software was terribly buggy but in time Bill Gates realized that the product needed to be more reliable. Hopefully this will happen inside Bethesda someday.

BTW, everyone who is interest in Fallout 76 can get some great insights from Marta Branco’s InnovSurvivalist YouTube channel. She’s one of the people who is working on the Wastelanders, and her insights are worthwhile.


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