Fallout 76: The Night Before Wastelanders!

I can’t contain my enthusiasm for the coming release, within hours, of Fallout 76 Wastelanders. My introduction to the Fallout world came when I saw the guy with his dog in a Fallout 4 television commercial a few years ago. The tune featured the song “The Wanderer” with Dion & The Belmonts; a real golden oldie but such a carefree song filled with great expectations. Bethesda Softworks seems to have a penchant for these oldie songs and they have great taste in their theme songs; like Fallout 76 featured “Take Me Home, Country Roads” but by Spank instead of the John Denver classic. The musical choices really sets a tone for these post-apocalyptic games. But my favorite featured the Beachboys song: “Wouldn’t It Be Nice”. For the most recent FO76 Wastelanders trailer they feature the drumbeat from another oldie: “C’mon Everybody” by Eddie Cochran (had to look this one up). If you like golden oldies, you gotta give Bethesda some love.

Anyway, I’m ramped up for my first day in New Appalachia. I’m already prepared for a buggy experience because a lot of the people who participated on the Private Test Servers had let it be known that the bugs are still there, but I’ll endure just to get into the new places, people, gameplay, adventure and lore. I’ve decided to create a new character from scratch to get a feel for what is going on, but eventually I’ll commit my Zahava character to the fray. I have several pieces of unfinished business in the FO76 Adventure mode, like I’ve never killed the Scorch Queen even though I’ve put some serious hurt on her. And I avoided making vault raids, like into Vault 94, and there are a couple other events and quests I’d like to do, but they really require a good sized team to complete. Nonetheless, I got 43 of the 50 Achievements in Adventure mode and I still hope to complete some of those team events.

Anyway, it’s now 3:00am and my understanding is that Bethesda is beginning the rollout procedures. I sure hope things go well and the DLC pulls in new people. Go Bethesda Go!!

Now time to get to sleep and wait for news that #Wastelanders is live!!


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