Fallout 4 Again!

I’ve been working my way back into Fallout 4 and becoming aware of how much I’ve forgotten. I’ve also been hanging out on Reddit a bit, learning more about Mods and it looks like I might want to buy the Fallout 4 Game of the Year version (GOTY) because it apparently is more compatible with mods. The problem is, I’m at Level 62 (Difficulty: Very Hard) and I’ve built some amazing settlements that I don’t want to rebuild.

Yordie Sands is a blogger, author and photographer

That’s McCready and me in our Minuteman gear (Mod), looking gud.

Reddit: A couple people on Reddit (Danielle, Bruh) have helped me understand that I should be able to install GOTY without wiping out my files. However, I’m nervous about this because I’m only playing with four mods right now and I want to add a whole lot more, like the Unofficial Bug fix mods.

DLCs: I’m currently running only three of the six DLCs I own; I’m doing this because I learned in the past that if I install Far Harbor early in the game, the Brotherhood of Steel might send me on missions there before I’m ready to open that quest line. That asshole Knight Rhys sent me to FH to clear out a drive-in, and so forth. I won’t go into this, but it turned out to really sour my first venture into FH. So, for this and other reasons, I don’t want to install the DLCs yet.

Mods: Then there’s the huge list of really cool Mods. Wow. I’m thrilled with the Mods I have but I got a mod once that gave me a nice home in the center of Concord. I loved it and stored all my cool stuff there, like all my Legendary Weapons, Power Armor, and everything. It was great until the developer released an update and literally wiped EVERYTHING out. Three months of gameplay lost. So I’m overly cautious about Mods, and as the Mod menu disclaimer says: Use at your own risk.

This leaves me facing a dilemma. Do I risk updating my Xbox One X with the GOTY version of FO4, or maybe I just go ahead and install the remaining DLCs? Either way is likely to cause some issues, but I’m preparing for a full restart if things go wrong. I suspect that several of the mods I want will require them to be installed early in the process. I need to do some more reading and study, but I really want those mods. The Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch alone is almost worth the restart in itself.

Before I make any mods I’m going to spend some time photographing each of the settlements I’ve built. Currently I have three major settlements with 22 settlers each (Sanctuary, Starlight Drive-In, The Castle) and three intermediate size with 16 settlers (Abernathy, Tenpines Bluff, Country Crossing). All of my settlements have concrete walls surrounding them and THAT takes a lot of buying, building and hours spent. I’ll try to capture the essence of each of the major settlements before risking their loss.


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I'm a blogger and photographer on WordPress. I'm also author of the sci-fi novel The Temporal Expeditions, and am working on book 2 of a planned trilogy.
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2 Responses to Fallout 4 Again!

  1. Don C says:

    Can you move / copy your existing game to a USB external hard drive as a back up?
    Look at “How to Move Xbox One Games to External Hard Drive”

    Also, depending on how complicated your settlements are, it’s not all that hard to create a mod for just your settlements. I created a mod “Junk Walled Settlements” so every settlement has basic junk walls already built when I start a new game. I can scrap the individual wall pieces when I want to customize a particular settlement. That kind of mod’ing is not as hard as you might think since you are just using items already in the game.


    • Yordie says:

      Hi Don… Thanks for the input. I’d never thought of this kind of procedure but it makes a lot of sense. Actually, I’ve moved forward with full implementation of all DLCs and have added several mods successfully without any adverse effect on my settlements or the game itself. There were a couple of Mods that didn’t seem to work, but I’ll fiddle around with those again. I’ve come to realize how much I’ve learned about Fallout from playing FO76, and it’s improving my FO4 game. Best regards, Yordie


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