Second Life: Phil Kearny’s Ambrosia

I spent several more hours in SL yesterday, trying to find stuff in my inventory and learning about stuff that no longer works, like my Intan Couples Dance ball. I was a bit overcome by a sense that a lot of things might not work anymore, but as I was about to sign-off I got an IM from Phil Kearny to tp into his Ambrosia nightclub. I was a bit surprised that Phil even remembered me, but I took the tp and landed in front of the DJ stand where Phil was spinning tunes (below).

That’s Phil and his ever luvin’ tiger waiting to descend on griefers. Heh.

I made my way to the dance floor and used the dances in my HUD to get into the scene. I was amazed at what good dances I had and they worked. I had been worried that I’d have to buy a whole new inventory of dance anims. And that’s me below, dancin’ and prancin’ as I used to, back in the day.

Maybe you can see my cool hat. I think I got it at Maitreya’s.
It was a Tuesday evening, so kind of slow for Ambrosia but Phil was giving out all kind of personal advice, including advice on getting the COVID vaccine. He also said you’re kind of a dumbass if you don’t. That’s the Phil Kearny I remember and why people keep coming back to Ambrosia.

After hanging out at the club I felt a whole lot better but I still have so much to relearn about SL. It’s been eight years since I was doing stuff like building Zen gardens and cafes. I don’t know if I’ll ever get back to doing that stuff, but I do plan to spend some time at one of the sandboxes, dusting off all my building and scripting stuff. More soon.

BTW, Ambrosia and Junkyard Blues are two of the oldest and best clubs in Second Life. If you are new to SL, they are a must visit.

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