Fallout 3: Traveling Back in Time

I bought Fallout 3 a couple years ago, starting fiddling around in it, then came Fallout 76. I spent over a year in FO76, then spent over a half-year in FO4, and have been planning on returning to FO76. But I’ve been curious about the Fallout lore. I’ve watched several of Oxhorn’s Fallout Lore videos, even back to Fallout 1, but I wanted to get back into Fallout 3 and get the feel for the gameplay. So, last week I did. I wasn’t interested in being competitive, so I set the gameplay to “Very Easy” (I know, how lame!). Anyway, I’ve been running around in the Wasteland and despite the fact that it feels like travelling back in time, I’ve enjoyed it.

That’s me at Level 9 in my combat armor and helmet.

When I began playing I expected the gameplay to be very similar to Fallout 4, but it’s quite different and several things are a lot more cumbersome. For example, I have an Xbox One and the controller doesn’t easily permit me to use the favorites wheel; in fact, I can only put four items in the wheel and use them effectively. Another thing, tossing grenades is a bit of a hassle; in FO4/FO76, your grenades are equipable and can be thrown without changing your active weapon. And there are several different controller buttons that give me fits, but I’m adapting. And then there’s the dismal post-apocalyptic landscape! It is even more abysmal than Fallout 4, and greenery is hard to find.

Nonetheless, the quests are quite challenging and I’m really glad that I’m just playing for fun because yesterday I did the Find Vault 112 quest. Wow! I can’t really say much about it without SPOILERS, so let me just say that I had to turn to Oxhorn’s Fallout 3 – Part 7 video to figure out how to proceed. I was smart enough to figure out what the elements of the quest were, but it appeared to be too much work while I was playing (Again, I know how lame that is, but hey!). So, I backed out and did other things, but I’ll prolly head back into the game sometime this week and deal with the Tranquility Lane thing.

One thing I especially like about the Fallout games is the lore. I became intrigued when I first played Fallout 4 and Paladin Danse told me that he used to live in Rivet City, in the Capital Wasteland. Then I became more and more familiar with the evolving lore. I think the lore is one of the aspects of the Fallout games that I enjoy the most.

I’ll keep playing Fallout 3 for awhile longer, but I’m starting to spec up on recent changes to Fallout 76 and will return soon.

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