Going Medieval in Skyrim & GOT

Skyrim is a fictional medieval world and I’m spending hours each week roaming the land, killing dragons, retrieving magical stuff and talking to countless NPCs. Then I had the idea that it might be fun to re-watch the Game of Thrones at night; so I started about a week ago. In essence, I’m descending deeper and deeper into the the Medieval world. And it started to affect my dreams even. So, I’m slowing down the pace for both the game and the television binging. NTL, it’s kind of fun and I’m enjoying this experience a lot.

My most recent discovery is an estate located in the western mountains of Skyrim. I’d have probably found it sooner if I’d acted on a quest I picked up earlier in the game, but it was so far away from Winterun, and I figure it might be too deep a trip for me that early in the game. But WOW was I glad to find this place! It seems like this is the home where you can store all your stuff and be relatively secure. Well, I did get attacked by a dragon when I walked out the door the other day, but that’s kind of normal. Heh.

Yordie Sands in Skyrim

You can barely see the seemingly unimpressive house sitting up there on an unfriendly hilltop.

Yordie Sands wrote The Temporal Expeditions.

The house and surrounding land is a lot more impressive when you arrive. There’s all the workbenches and resources you could want. Even a home for my goat.

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That’s me in the center of the home’s great hall. The home is packed with supplies and there’s a bedroom in the back.

Yordie Sands is a gamer.

That’s the banquet table with all the delectable foods of Skyrim.

So, yeah, it was delightful to find this wonderful home base, but I had to fight the very aggressive owner. She tricked me into coming there with a letter saying that she wanted to give me some land. It was a viscous fight and I vanquished her. BTW, my goat (I bought the trained goat when I found the notice in Winterun) loves the place. Here’s the problem I have with the place, it’s not a good place to bring my adopted kids. Yeah, it’s really nice and there’s a bedroom for them, but it’s completely isolated. In Winterun, kids run around all over the place and play all day. So, I’m leaving my adoptees there for now.

Well, then there’s the new neighbors, a den of thieves holding up at a nearby fort. I didn’t like the idea of having thieves as neighbors, so shortly after moving in I went over and ran them off. I’m hoping they won’t be back.

Yordie Sands is a writer.

That’s a very big fort and it was packed with nasty thieves who didn’t want to be evicted.

I’ve moved much deeper into the game and am trying to stick to the mainline, but it’s hard to avoid getting pulled into the DLCs that are automatically loaded. Anyway, I try to explain this game will have to include words like: delightful, rich, and deep.



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I'm a blogger and photographer on WordPress. I'm also author of the sci-fi novel The Temporal Expeditions. I'm an avatar in Second Life and a gamer in Fallout series, Skyrim, and other games.
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