Skyrim: The Continuing Saga

I’ve developed a new set of mostly Steel Plate Armor and I’ve jacked it up as much I can at Level 24. It offers plenty of protection at the low difficulty I continue to play.

Yordie Sands is a writer, blogger, Tweeter, photographer and gamer.

That’s me in my mostly Steel Plate Armor. However, the Banded Iron Shield is so strong I’ll use it for awhile longer.

I’m very happy that I was able to focus on learning to use the Arcane Enchanter, Alchemy Lab, Smelter, Blacksmith Forge, Grindstone, Workbench, Tanning Rack, Oven, and Stove. In the Fallout series it took me a couple years to become fully proficient, and I’m nowhere near fully proficient, but I was baffled by some of those tools. I also bought the Tundra Homestead and I moved in with my adopted kids and a pet fox.

Yordie Sands is the author of The Temporal Expeditions.

I bought the Tundra Homestead late one night. It took hours to move it and there will be more photos to follow.

I left ole Lydia back at the house in Breezehome where I’m sure she’s still eating bread in my bedroom.

I’ve been on some amazing quests so far and I’m so impressed at every aspect of this game. It is by far the most immersive and engaging game I’ve ever played. There’s conflict of course, but the story and gamescape is just magnificent. This game is over 10 years old but it is totally new to me.

About Yordie

I'm a blogger and photographer on WordPress. I'm active on Twitter. I'm a U.S. Air Force veteran. I'm a gamer in Fallout series, Skyrim, and other games, including an avatar in Second Life. I wrote the sci-fi novel, The Temporal Expeditions.
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2 Responses to Skyrim: The Continuing Saga

  1. Hello Virtual World Explorer and all-around Beautiful Soul! Happy Equinox!

    Here’s a virtual worlds question for you. You know how one of the many activities in SL is complaining? About the platform. About other avatars. About stupid this or stupid that. About my FL drama. About the dumb world. About everything.

    Do you think the complaining is unique to SL? Part of it’s brand of sociality? Or do avatars in other worlds rant and whine a lot too?

    Stay awesome, Yordie! I love you!

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    • Yordie says:

      Hi Van… great to hear from you. I’m sorry to see the complaining about Second Life, but some of it is deserved. I mean, I still pop in and it hasn’t kept up with the general improvements in technology (prolly because of the prim system or something). NTL, it is still an amazing place to create and actually get to know people.

      The complaining seems to be part and parcel of anonymous identities; not unlike graffiti on the walls of ancient Rome. And then there’s the seemingly endless walls being constructed by political factions globally. And, of course, part of it is just ignorance.

      When I return to SL for a visit, I remember those early days when we discovering and building a virtual world where we could actually live. At Junkyard Blues I usually run into some of the “old timers” and it’s great to see them, but most of the people I knew are gone or hard to catch when I just drop in.

      Yet, I often think about returning to SL one more time and building a grand Japanese garden, with a new Harvest Moon Café, and hopefully finding people who can enjoy the fantasy; maybe even have geisha shows.

      My friend Morton (one of my many ex-partners, heh) wondered if the whole Sansara project wasted Second Life’s future on a boondoggle. The money to make SL right again is long gone I guess.


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