Skyrim – The Riftkin Conundrum

Commence Rant:

I was playing along in my second iteration of Skyrim when I decided to plunge into The Thieves Guild. I figured I’d be able to run them out of town on a rail or have them jailed, or it that failed I’d be able to wipe them out. WRONG.

First, I like to play a “good player” game, meaning I fight evil and don’t become evil. I consider thieves to be evil because I met a couple people in my life who seem to be congenital thieves. I realize I’m probably naïve but that’s who I am. I tried playing Grand Theft Auto once and just couldn’t get into the story, so yeah, I’m like that.

I had to reset my current game back to an earlier saved checkpoint after I began playing with the Thieves Guild line. I really disliked bullying and shaking down honest people and hated breaking that storekeepers precious vase, for example. That was too much, but I continued.

When I stopped the current iteration of the game and started researching this problem. I try to avoid researching a quest line but after hours of game play I felt like I had no choice and what I found was: There is no anti-Thieves quest line. I did find a DLC/Mod that a guy invented, but I’ve not gone to Mods yet because I want to register as many Achievements as I can.

Necromancers, Vampires, and the like are among the factions I dislike the most, and I’ll take them down wherever they pose a threat; so that’s kind of how I roll. I haven’t chosen a warring faction to support yet, but I’m very sympathetic to the Stormcloaks vs the Imperials.

Anyway, in my research I noticed that there is an Anti-Dark Brotherhood questline and I’ll pursue that in the future, but for now I’m miffed… HOWEVER.

Is the game flawed?

Well, there is plenty of real life corruption and some real cities are as insidiously bad as Rifkin. So, there’s that. And in Skyrim, there are good cities and bad cities and maybe this is just a reflection on life in our times being demonstrated in the fantasy world of Skyrim.

So, NO, the game isn’t flawed.

However, I wish Microsoft/Bethesda would either buy or create an Anti-Thieves DLC into this otherwise great game. This 10 year old game is amazing on so many levels that product managers should make a commitment to taking it to the Legendary Level.

Just my humble opinions here. End rant.

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I'm a blogger and photographer on WordPress. I'm active on Twitter. I'm a U.S. Air Force veteran. I'm a gamer in Fallout series, Skyrim, and other games, including an avatar in Second Life. I wrote the sci-fi novel, The Temporal Expeditions.
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5 Responses to Skyrim – The Riftkin Conundrum

  1. Yordie, I have never used it but there is at least one ‘Destroy the thieves guild’ mod.
    I see at the moment Oblivion and Morrowind are available for Steam for a knockdown price. I am in the UK so I paid £6.51 total for the pair.

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    • Yordie says:

      I’ll checkout the mod, but I’d like to avoid mods until another iteration of the game. Are Oblivion and Morrowind multi-player games? I assume that everything other than Skyrim are multi-player. I’d like to give it a try some time.


      • No Oblivion and Morrowind are single player exactly like Skyrim. They are older and the graphics show it; that said Morrowind in particular is a very complex world where not everything is as it seems, and yes there you certainly can be the Hero to save the world!
        The Multiplayer game is The Elder Scrolls® Online which also is discounted at the moment. I personally am not a fan of multiplayer online games, which begs the question I know of, why am I still in Second Life? I cannot answer that, SL still fascinates me.


        • Yordie says:

          That’s great news about Oblivion and Morrowind. I did a search in Microsoft Games and didn’t find the single player versions. I’ll look or head over to platform.

          I really like these games. I wish I’d found them years ago, but Xbox Series X is soooo fast, prolly good that I didn’t. How’s your game of Skyrim going? I found that I made a big mistake in choosing the wrong race for me when I played two playthroughs. No spoilers here though. hehe.

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        • Yordie says:

          Hi Again Annie, I couldn’t buy Morrowind from Xbox store for some reason, but was able to buy an Xbox One DVD version available and bought it. The trailers look amazing, beautiful graphics. I hope the Xbox Series X will auto upgrade it, but I’ll just have to see what happens. I’ll still be playing Skyrim for many more months, but it’s nice to know that I’ll have Morrowind waiting.


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