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Double Yay 100 Times! Back Online!

When I began writing for virtual salon, aka I Rez Therefore I Am magazine, I was very happy with the new doors that opened. First of all, if you get to know the wild & crazy and brilliant Vaneeesa Blaylock, … Continue reading

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Blogging Forward – Part 2

When I wrote part 1, I expected to complete part 2 a couple of days later, but that was a month ago. Lessons In Organization In part 1 I talked about what I believe my strengths are as a blogger and photographer. Since then I’ve probed … Continue reading

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Something Sexy This Way Comes

What happens when iRez salon publisher Vaneeesa Blaylock and Canary Beck get an idea, then Strawberry Singh and Yordie Sands join in? For some reason, the first order of business seemed to be a great girly girl photoshoot in Second Life New … Continue reading

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Blogging Forward – Part 1

A few nights ago I spent way too much time exploring the progress of my blog and photographs. I also checked Internet traffic and blog rankings. In both cases, the news was encouraging. Still, by no measure do I consider myself to be “successful”; … Continue reading

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The Romance Expert

This is just a little note to let you know I’ve written a post for iRez salon called “How to Date a Virtual Woman” and I hope you’ll take a peek. It seems that iRez publisher Vaneeesa Blaylock has labled … Continue reading

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iRez Has A New Look

It was called, I Rez Therefore I Am and it’s URL was (still is, btw), but most of us called it iRez most of the time. It started as a blog exploring identity, culture, art and other topics and it grew rapidly … Continue reading

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Shared Links & Some Stats

This post is mainly for people interested in blogging. I just want to let friends know that I know I need to get my shared links setup, but also want to share some observations about blogging statistics. Links Are Coming To friends from … Continue reading

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