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My First 100-Word Story *blushes*

Mr Gawddamnit is a 100-word story or a drabble by Yordie Sands *** Uncle Bill told us we were going to stop at Mr. Gawddamnit’s house so he’d open the gate. Cousin Michael asked, “who is Mr. Gawddamnit?” Aunt Annie explained, … Continue reading

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Another Thing About WordPress

I’m still struggling with the new look and feel of this blog. Right now the theme is Summer and there’s a sandy color to things. heh. That’s not what I want to say though. Awhile back, I chatted with Headborro … Continue reading

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NEW Home for Being Yordie Sands

It has been a stressful decision process, but I’ve decided to discontinue Being Yordie Sands on Google Blogger. The reasons are discussed on my last post “official” post Coming: A Very Difficult Change. I’ve chosen WordPress as the new home. … Continue reading

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Yordie Sands @

Ok, ok, ok… things are moving very fast at and in a good way. Vanessa has have to take down individual author tabs because we are adding a lot of new authors, even Strawberry Singh. So, you just have … Continue reading

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Yordie @ I Rez Therefore I Am

Hi Everyone… I’m pleased to share with you that Vanessa Blaylock has asked me to post some of my SL9B observations on I Rez Therefore I Am ( iRez is a blog with a group of eight writers and it’s … Continue reading

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Ezekiel 37:9 – Blog to the Wind

Blog to the wind/ To the wind only/ For only the wind will listen (to paraphrase T.S. Eliot who pulled “Prophecy to the Wind” from the Bible) Recently, I’ve seen rumblings that blogging is dead. And I want to say something about … Continue reading

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Moving Forward, Looking Back

I’m still moving forward with my new life. The funny thing is, I’m too full of ideas for things I want to do. That was kinda one of the reasons I needed to start over in the first place, so … Continue reading

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