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That Special Second Life Feeling

I really wish I wasn’t this way but I’m having a hard time finding that special Second Life feeling that used to stir my spirit. And it’s so ironic. For the first time in over a year, the technical issues that have … Continue reading

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A Harmonic Convergence

I suppose it’s disgraceful to flippantly redefine a term that has a relatively clear origin. Nonetheless, I’m going to use Harmonic Convergence to describe what happened in Second Life during the past couple of days. A Soup of Technologies If you … Continue reading

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Fifty Region Crossings

Today I took a regular MM SD35 powerboat for a ride across the Blake Sea, to the far eastern channel and back then turned toward SL New England. I wanted to get a sort of benchmark using Phoenix before I … Continue reading

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An Insightful Report on Region Crossings

For those interested in Second Life region crossings, this morning while reading Inara Pey’s blog, she provided a link to this report, “Region Crossings: A Report On Experience” by WolfBaginski Bearsfoot. In conclusion, Wolf says, “Thanks, guys. There’s still work to … Continue reading

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Why No Countermeasure Software?

There are several techniques being used by griefers to crash servers and cause individual users video cards to blow up. In both cases they seem to be using a scripting language (LSL), not some sophisticated virus to cause the attacks. A computer … Continue reading

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Relentless Griefing Attacks

When I first heard the term “Griefing” in Second Life I wasn’t sure what it was referring to. For those who aren’t familiar with the term, it refers to attacks launched against sims or people. In the past, these attacks could … Continue reading

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My Non-HTTP Discovery

Perhaps this is just a coincidence, perhaps some other very minor tweaks I made. What am I talking about? I’ve discovered that by turning off ‘HTTP Texture Rendering’ in Graphics Preferences on the Firestorm Viewer, I’ve resolved most of my recent performance issues. The issues I complained about … Continue reading

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