My Novel

The Temporal Expeditions

This is my debut novel. It is a story about a group of Americans who travel back in time to an era where small changes to historic events can be made, thus altering the future. It is the most dangerous expedition in history because the history they leave behind will no longer exist if actions are taken to change events.

The Temporal Expeditions, Book I, Escape from Extinction has been distributed and is available at major booksellers around the globe.

Yordie Sands novel
Escape from Extinction is Book I of a planned
The Temporal Expeditions trilogy

It’s a story about a young woman who finds herself entrusted with the role of leadership during a global extinction event…but there’s more about the book in the blurb.

A Taste of Dialog

Here’s an excerpt from the Expedition characters talking about The Time Traveler’s Café the night preceding the launch of the naval expedition. Spirits are high except for the fact that the expedition launch team was under attack in Italy during the launch of the land expedition.

Then, grinning, Buddy says, “Otherwise, we’d be relaxing at The Time Traveler’s Café.”

Zava smiles. “It’s true. On the warehouse roof. We saw it before going to bed last night.”

Buddy adds, “There’ll be a party for us tonight. Everyone wants to hear about our shootout and escape from Italy.”

[Sandy] I’m surprised. “You’re already sleeping here?”

To Order

You can order this book in Hardcover, Paper Cover, or e-Book formats from Amazon, Barnes & Nobel, Google Books, Apple Books (iPhone, iPad, or MacBook), and many other international booksellers. The book is available in hardcover & paperback directly from publisher, Lulu Bookstore.

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