The Preludes Stories (2013)

In 2013 I wrote a series of 100 word stories. It was a popular form at the time and I enjoyed working within the constraints. The Preludes are stories about my role play life as an apprentice geisha. I’ve always loved the simplicity of Japanese gardens and that led me into one of my first adventures in Second Life, a virtual world.

Prelude 1: My Onesans

Yordie Sands portrays apprentice geisha Suzuki
I was a mere minari, dancing to earn my keep. I was almost maiko and my dream was to become geisha.

Preludes 2: Our Okiya

Inside the secret world of our okiya.

Preludes 3: My Danna

Yordie Sands Photographer
Yordie’s danna gave her this plot of land. Here she built Yordie’s Zen Garden.

Preludes 4: The Zen Garden

Yordie Sands Photography
Yordie’s Zen Garden @ Chodron: Rock garden next to the teashouse.

Preludes 5: And I Was Alone

Yordie Sands writer, photographer
My danna was gone and I was alone.

Preludes 6: The Samurai’s Poem

Photo by Yordie Sands