Island Universe (2007) ©

This is an introduction to a Vision Document I wrote in 2006 and updated in 2007. It was my idea of how humanlike intelligence could be achieved by an Artificial Being by creating a humanlike Point of View. I knew before I began documenting my ideas that the project was so monumental that I wouldn’t have enough time in this lifetime to see this through to completion.

However, today in 2023, I believe the fundamental idea is still a valid approach, even when considering recent revolutionary achievements in Artificial Intelligence. In fact, recent revelations about the Leftist bias of ChatGPT, the need for POV has never been greater.

Below is much of the original document but I’m discovering that clarifications are necessary as I transform the document for this presentation. The final section that outlined the plans for the project will be set aside, mainly because technological advancements have overrun capabilities and realities.

Once I’ve completed the Vision Document pages, I’ll write more about Artificial Beings in the modern landscape with projections about what must be done. In short, Artificial Beings or Entities already exist and they are not only perplexing, even dangerous.