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Adventure to the Lost City

There I sat at my desk, safely at home, alone with my treasure. Where would I begin to tell the tale of the adventure that began as a simple expedition to an eery little sim far way? After all the dramatics leading up … Continue reading

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A Journey Through Space and Time

It’s been less than two weeks since I declared radio silence. In that time my human has packed up our lives and we’ve embarked on a journey through the real world. How many times have I quoted T.S. Eliot, “Our beginnings never know … Continue reading

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Freedom and Adventure

I enjoy a good action-adventure movie. My favorites are the ones in forests or out on the sea. I think it’s the element of danger but being safely disconnected. Here’s a couple of photos I shot recently, where I stood … Continue reading

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Following Honour’s Lead to Keisei

A few days ago, Honour McMillan had a post about Keisei, a Japanese garden. In my old blog I had a series on Japanese gardens so I thought this might be a nice continuation for this blog. I didn’t have … Continue reading

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My Visit With The Vampires

It was a very important event in my friend Sue’s second life. The man she loves is a vampire and when you marry a vampire you’ve chosen a direction that leads into the world of vampires. Sue invited me to … Continue reading

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Scuba Diving Off Sirens Isle

I’d peeked below the surface at Siren’s Isle in the past and I thought it might be fun to explore. So, one of the things I wanted to try was get some friends together and head over for some scuba … Continue reading

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I, Adventurer

It will seem ridiculous to readers of this blog that I have concluded after five years in Second Life that I finally see myself as an adventurer. Of course I am because an adventurer goes on adventures and this blog … Continue reading

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