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Fallout 76: Level 60 and I’m Crazy!

Okay, I’ve been playing Fallout 76 WAY TOO MUCH, especially this past weekend when I’m sure I was identified as an addicted player. Fiddleedee. I enjoy the game a great deal and I’m making friends but haven’t joined a group … Continue reading

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Fallout 76 WOW! Over My Head!

Okay, I was playing it safe in my usual way. Building resources, exploring, figuring things out and all. Then today… HOLY MOLY! I began to narrow down on an important quest that I’m pretty sure everyone eventually comes to, but … Continue reading

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I, Tomb Raider

On Friday afternoon I finished my adventure as Lara Croft, Tomb Raider, and another “Survivor” was born. I was 98% complete when I finished, not bad I suspect. Here’s a vid that gives a look into Lara’s world and what … Continue reading

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Being Lara Croft

I finally found an Xbox game that I can identify with, “Tomb Raider“. Yanno, Lara Croft® and all. It’s so obvious that this is the kind of game for me. So, you might think, why did it take you so … Continue reading

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Thinking About The Biz

I know there are people laughing about me using the word “thinking” and that’s ok. The truth is, sometimes I do think, and I’ve been thinking about the business of Yordie’s Excellent Adventures. Late last night, I did a little … Continue reading

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Back To Being Me Again!

Well for a moment, I was back to being me again. My human was raised near the ocean. I won’t go through the thing where I tell you the first word she learned was “boatie” or that her daddy won many … Continue reading

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Yordie’s Excellent Adventures

Last year I realized that, more than anything, I’m an adventurer. I’d been exploring and stumbling into adventures and misadventures for years, but I never realized that being a woman adventurer was part of my virtual identity. An Adventure Group Shortly after … Continue reading

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