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Yo Second Life!

I haven’t been around Second Life much since I started Xbox gaming about six years ago. And I realize I probably haven’t changed my outfit in all those years that have passed, so a couple days ago I dropped in. … Continue reading

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Avatar Pride Parade Photos

Saturday was the Avatar Pride Parade and it was well attended with 35 avatars of all shapes and sizes. It was a challenging course, trecking through hill and dale and fording streams. I shot a few photos along the way. … Continue reading

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The ‘Avatar Pride Parade’ 2013

That wild and wonderful woman of the world Vaneeesa Blaylock organized an “Avatar Pride Parade” for Saturday morning SLT time. It was a chance for peeps to come and show some avatar pride! Unfortunately, we crashed the starting sim before half … Continue reading

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My New Hairstyle from D!va

I’m sorta taking the holidays off, not thinking about much of anything, but I can’t help noticing cool things. Anyway, I saw a hairstyle I liked on Strawberry Singh’s blog and I had to go check it out for myself. … Continue reading

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Something Sexy This Way Comes

What happens when iRez salon publisher Vaneeesa Blaylock and Canary Beck get an idea, then Strawberry Singh and Yordie Sands join in? For some reason, the first order of business seemed to be a great girly girl photoshoot in Second Life New … Continue reading

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Adventure to the Lost City

There I sat at my desk, safely at home, alone with my treasure. Where would I begin to tell the tale of the adventure that began as a simple expedition to an eery little sim far way? After all the dramatics leading up … Continue reading

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Why Would A Woman…

Why would a woman wear a television on her bosom? Or more precisely, why would a woman wear televisions on each of her breasts? Clearly, this is some kind of statement about something. So, I propose to rule out possibilities. Reasons … Continue reading

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The Dalai Lama in Second Life

There is a vast network of communities in Second Life and I can’t keep up with all of them, but while engaged in some tweets today I noticed one that said, the Dalai Lama is in Second Life. I was … Continue reading

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