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Street Dancer on the Blake Sea

I’ve spent a lot of time resolving issues with my computers, OSs and broadband service recently. Several changes I made have enabled me to run different Second Life viewers without incidents. Despite the fact that I tested these different viewers, I hadn’t given them a real workout yet. So … Continue reading

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Fifty Region Crossings

Today I took a regular MM SD35 powerboat for a ride across the Blake Sea, to the far eastern channel and back then turned toward SL New England. I wanted to get a sort of benchmark using Phoenix before I … Continue reading

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Back To Being Me Again!

Well for a moment, I was back to being me again. My human was raised near the ocean. I won’t go through the thing where I tell you the first word she learned was “boatie” or that her daddy won many … Continue reading

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My Firestorm Again

The recent photoshoot with Berry, Becky, Van and me made me very aware that I need to get a V3 code base viewer. Since I’ve tried Firestorm twice before, I decided to go with it again. I uninstalled my Phoenix … Continue reading

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Taking Friends Out

I’ve become more and more active in taking friends out on adventures. Today we celebrated my bestest friend Leanna’s rez day by going on a boat ride from Marthas Vineyard to Tromp Island. When we got there we went scuba diving. … Continue reading

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Our Sea Cruise On SS Galaxy

In case you’ve never seen SS Galaxy there it is! It occupies three entire sims and has everything the finest cruise liners have. A couple weeks ago, friends joined me for something I was calling Sea Cruise 2012. In essence, … Continue reading

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Scuba Diving Off Sirens Isle

I’d peeked below the surface at Siren’s Isle in the past and I thought it might be fun to explore. So, one of the things I wanted to try was get some friends together and head over for some scuba … Continue reading

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