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Yordie Sands

A number of friends and acquaintances have counseled me in various ways since my decision to say goodbye on Saturday. They’ve made me aware that Yordie Sands of Second Life may be one thing, but Yordie Sands the blogger & writer … Continue reading

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Time To Say Goodbye

I suspect some friends have noticed that I’m not around as much in Second Life in recent weeks. I haven’t been very active as a blogger either. For friends who may find what I’m about to say surprising, let me say that my second … Continue reading

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Five Years of “Being Yordie Sands”

Ok, not exactly. The blog that became Being Yordie Sands started out as My Moveable Feast. You see, I lived near the Hemingway House on New Key West at the time. And I had a romantic notion that I was writing in the … Continue reading

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I found a cute surprise in my WordPress notices this morning, my blog has accumulated “1,000 Likes”! I know it’s not like I’m in the big time, but it feels good. I’m aware that some bloggers and readers feel that the … Continue reading

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The Blog’s New Look

It you didn’t notice, Being Yordie Sands has a new look. It’s not a whole lot different than the old look but it has one feature I wanted, it’s wider and feels more spacious. At least that’s how I hope … Continue reading

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Double Yay 100 Times! iRez.me Back Online!

When I began writing for iRez.me virtual salon, aka I Rez Therefore I Am magazine, I was very happy with the new doors that opened. First of all, if you get to know the wild & crazy and brilliant Vaneeesa Blaylock, … Continue reading

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Blogging Forward – Part 2

When I wrote part 1, I expected to complete part 2 a couple of days later, but that was a month ago. Lessons In Organization In part 1 I talked about what I believe my strengths are as a blogger and photographer. Since then I’ve probed … Continue reading

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