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Some Favorite Pics from SL10B

I spent a lot of time at SL10B today. I wandered far and wide, and hither and yon too. My Personal Favorites… today There are so many wonderful exhibits that I hate to pick favorites, but on this day I … Continue reading

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Street Dancer on the Blake Sea

I’ve spent a lot of time resolving issues with my computers, OSs and broadband service recently. Several changes I made have enabled me to run different Second Life viewers without incidents. Despite the fact that I tested these different viewers, I hadn’t given them a real workout yet. So … Continue reading

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Scuba Diving Off Sirens Isle

I’d peeked below the surface at Siren’s Isle in the past and I thought it might be fun to explore. So, one of the things I wanted to try was get some friends together and head over for some scuba … Continue reading

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What Next? A Yacht?

Ok, how do you forget something like that yacht Wizzy owns. It was a bad (interpretation: good) ride! And so I started poking around. Today, I went over to Cigar Yachts and I’m getting kinda in the mood for a … Continue reading

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Wizzy & Me Upon The Blake Sea

I could have written a lot of titles for this post, but I like the sound of that one. Wizard Gynoid is a blogger I met through Empire Avenue (there’s small communities of us SLifers everywhere!). Anyway, she had seen … Continue reading

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Speed Check

I’ve been real concerned that sim crossings are broken. Antares and I had some problems last couple times we went up in the helicopter and I’ve been seeing things on other blogs and in comments. But I haven’t done one of my … Continue reading

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The Surprising Blake Sea

I had some me-time this afternoon. I didn’t know what to do, so I did what I always do when I don’t know what to do, I headed to the Blake Sea. I thought it might be nice to head … Continue reading

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