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Second Life: What a Wonderful Evening

It’s been almost six months since I visited Second Life. I’d been thinking about returning for a while but last night I teleported inworld to catch DJ Frog’s show at Junkyard Blues. Right away I couldn’t get sound working, so … Continue reading

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Back on the Sea

It was one of those wonderful moments. Back in 2012 I was racing my speedboat from the Blake Sea toward my dock at Sailors Cove. When I’m speeding like that I have my mini-map open so I can see and … Continue reading

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The Best ‘New Years’ Ever!

First, to all the readers of this blog: HAPPY NEW YEARS! In December, I decided not to do a look back at the past year. I’ve done that for four prior¬†years, but this past year was too much to digest. … Continue reading

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Yordie & LeLe Waiting for Christmas

Leanna and I hung out for a little the other night. She’s one of the few people in any life I can talk to about anything¬†because we always seem to have something to talk about. LeLe and I made one … Continue reading

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My Visit With The Vampires

It was a very important event in my friend Sue’s second life. The man she loves is a vampire and when you marry a vampire you’ve chosen a direction that leads into the world of vampires. Sue invited me to … Continue reading

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A Rough Ride In Bay City

Last night I slipped into Second Life. I just wanted to go over to Bay City and tryout driving a vehicle through the streets. I felt that Bay City would be better than they open roads of Sansara or other … Continue reading

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Second Life New England Flotilla

I think we’d have needed a lot more boats to call ourselves a flotilla, but it was a fun name to tag on our last minute group. I’d talked to Sudane Erato, owner of Second Life New England (SLNE), about … Continue reading

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