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Lost Garden Photos from 2007

I’ve been wondering where all the photos of my older Zen gardens are. Finally, I started scrounging around through my inventory (down to only 25,000 items, btw!). And as I poked around I found a batch of old photos mislabeled … Continue reading

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A New Little Japanese Garden

On Sunday I spent some more time working on my Japanese themed project. In the past, most of the time, I’ve created Zen gardens on a larger scale. Also, I started blending in my ideas about an Asian style cafĂ© … Continue reading

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Home & Garden: Becky’s Scuba Garden

One of the great benefits that came when I began my second blog was I discovered some new friends. Canary Beck, “Becky”, is a fine blogger, the owner of the KamaSutra Exotic Dance Club and one of the daring women … Continue reading

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Catching Up

It must be pretty obvious that I’ve fallen behind in my blog postings. I have several in the queue but I am struggling with real life issues lately. And when I get inworld its the same thing, falling behind on … Continue reading

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Home & Garden: Jacan & Ellie’s Moondance

The couple’s home is a grand Victorian and in the sky the Moon shines especially bright. Jacan & Ellie Slade married in Second Life and live at a most amazing home called Moondance. Jacan is a well known DJ and … Continue reading

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Home & Garden: Dest & Gracee’s Home & Swamp

My women friends who have partners have amazing partners. When I think of great couples it’s Dest & Gracee. During “Sea Cruise 2012” (that title is way too big for such a poorly planned event, btw), some of us girls … Continue reading

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Home & Garden: Leanna’s Beach

Ever since I visited Leanna Chaffe’s first home I began to notice the things she loves. One thing, she always has a grand piano. Another thing she always has a warm sandy beach with many places to curl up around … Continue reading

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