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My Blogging Journey

Strawberry Singh has a blogger challenge that triggered my urge to write a bit, its called “My Blogging Journey Challenge” (Check it yo!). Anyway, here’s my responses to the challenge. 1. Which electronic devices do you use to blog with? I … Continue reading

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Coming to Life at Night

I’m interested in history and culture. Often I’ve wondered what life was like a couple hundred years ago. There was no electric lighting to fill the night, yet there are always places for people to visit at night. Btw, did you know … Continue reading

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Yordie Sands

A number of friends and acquaintances have counseled me in various ways since my decision to say goodbye on Saturday. They’ve made me aware that Yordie Sands of Second Life may be one thing, but Yordie Sands the blogger & writer … Continue reading

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Five Years of “Being Yordie Sands”

Ok, not exactly. The blog that became Being Yordie Sands started out as My Moveable Feast. You see, I lived near the Hemingway House on New Key West at the time. And I had a romantic notion that I was writing in the … Continue reading

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Getting My Second Life Groove Back

I’m still struggling to get my Second Life groove back. I’ve been online here and there, but I’m just not inworld as much as I used to. The Latest Adventures It’s not like I’ve totally checked out of Second Life. I’ve participated in … Continue reading

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The Real ‘Avatar Pride Parade’ !

Last Saturday the Wizard of iRez salon, Vaneeesa Blaylock, brought an Avatar Pride Parade to the Second Life Grid. Shortly after the event Vaneeesa declared the First Saturday event a dress rehearsal. This Saturday is the real deal, it is The Avatar Pride Parade! … Continue reading

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Who Am I, Where Am I Going…

And what is the good second life? It’s been hard for me to re-engage in my second life since my journey, or more correctly, my human’s journey. The trip to our new home was a journey of discovery. There was that whole The … Continue reading

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