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Yordie Sands

A number of friends and acquaintances have counseled me in various ways since my decision to say goodbye on Saturday. They’ve made me aware that Yordie Sands of Second Life may be one thing, but Yordie Sands the blogger & writer … Continue reading

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The Real ‘Avatar Pride Parade’ !

Last Saturday the Wizard of iRez salon, Vaneeesa Blaylock, brought an Avatar Pride Parade to the Second Life Grid. Shortly after the event Vaneeesa declared the First Saturday event a dress rehearsal. This Saturday is the real deal, it is The Avatar Pride Parade! … Continue reading

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The ‘Avatar Pride Parade’ 2013

That wild and wonderful woman of the world Vaneeesa Blaylock organized an “Avatar Pride Parade” for Saturday morning SLT time. It was a chance for peeps to come and show some avatar pride! Unfortunately, we crashed the starting sim before half … Continue reading

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Link: My Interview With A Vampire

If you live in Second Life, I’ll bet you know one or more vampires. I’ve published a new story on iRez salon about my favorite vampire. It’s called “My Interview With A Vampire” and I hope you’ll take a moment … Continue reading

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Holiday Greetings from iRez Salon

This is a season greetings from iRez magazine‘s outstanding group of bloggers, journalists, educators and amazing photographers, including Strawberry Singh. The salon is the creation of publisher Vaneeesa Blaylock. It has been a great joy for me to have met … Continue reading

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Double Yay 100 Times! iRez.me Back Online!

When I began writing for iRez.me virtual salon, aka I Rez Therefore I Am magazine, I was very happy with the new doors that opened. First of all, if you get to know the wild & crazy and brilliant Vaneeesa Blaylock, … Continue reading

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The Heavy Lifting Is Done!

My “brown-out” period has mostly ended. The heavy lifting is mostly done. My human stayed up till 3am EST (her time) last night, unpacking, moving things around, fiddling with the air conditioner, watching the latest news about General Petraeus. She … Continue reading

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