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iRez Salon: Becoming Someone Else

iRez salon is an online magazine with over two dozen contributors, including me. I want to point you to a two-part article I wrote, “Becoming Someone Else” which explores one of iRez’s favorite topics, Identity. The idea for the post was sparked … Continue reading

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Originally posted on I Rez Therefore I Am:
My first Gemme Six article featured the Hosoi Ichiba sim group. Unlike other games, the places we love are subject to radical change. A couple of weeks ago it looked like this beautiful group…

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Learning About Japanese History

I began writing about Hosoi Ichiba for iRez salon about a month ago, it was the first of my Gemme Six articles. There are many unique scenes in Amiryu Hosoi’s stylized trip into Japanese History, to the Edo period when … Continue reading

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Vanessa’s Post — Too Cool

Saturday was a lot of fun. Vanessa calls it performance art but it was really mayhem and madness in cool threads. Here’s a link to VB’s post, “Rock the Casbah”. Check the bottom for pics of the Red Team and … Continue reading

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Writing vs. Blogging

Oh how I hate to write. Writing is hard. I can blog a post in less than an hour, even with pictures, even with some thought. But writing in a manner that people will find things laid out orderly, modestly … Continue reading

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Why Would A Woman…

Why would a woman wear a television on her bosom? Or more precisely, why would a woman wear televisions on each of her breasts? Clearly, this is some kind of statement about something. So, I propose to rule out possibilities. Reasons … Continue reading

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Yordie Sands @ iRez.me

Ok, ok, ok… things are moving very fast at iRez.me and in a good way. Vanessa has have to take down individual author tabs because we are adding a lot of new authors, even Strawberry Singh. So, you just have … Continue reading

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My Own Tab on iRez.me

Yay! I got my own tab on iRez.me. And I’ll have a follow-up article about SL9B soon. Stay tuned and by the way, iRez.me is a unique blog I recommend to all of my friends. There is a unique group of … Continue reading

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