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Eli & Jac Celebrate Under the Harvest Moon

Last night was Jacan & Ellia Slade’s anniversary and it was also the night of the harvest moon on Moondance Islands. And seeing as Eli throws some of the best parties in Second Life, I just had to attend. Bluesy … Continue reading

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Seven Years for Tazz Tuque

I’m sure I know other Second Lifers who rezzed over seven years ago; well, I know I do but the point is I don’t know many. Last night was Tazzie “Tazz” Tuque’s seventh rez day. I think Tazz’s rez date qualifies … Continue reading

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Our Sea Cruise On SS Galaxy

In case you’ve never seen SS Galaxy there it is! It occupies three entire sims and has everything the finest cruise liners have. A couple weeks ago, friends joined me for something I was calling Sea Cruise 2012. In essence, … Continue reading

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Hopping Around Saturday Night

It was just another Saturday night, but I was smart enough during the day to let my human stick with her real life. That means, I didn’t spend too much time on during the day so I didn’t get too … Continue reading

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Kiff & Dina’s Amazing 5th

On Sunday, Kiff & Dina celebrated their 5th Anniversary with their many friends at Junkyard Blues. SLifers know that five years in SL is like 20 years in real life, so say more. The story of Kiff & Dina is … Continue reading

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Second Life Socialite Fizzles Out

A lot of New Years Celebrations began on Friday. And by Friday night I was thinking this was gonna be a partay, partay weekend. In fact, by Saturday morning I had grand plans to go on a party rampage. After … Continue reading

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Feels A Lot Like Christmas

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. Between Christmastime coming to my home in Martha’s Vineyard, seeing friends from Christmas past at the Junkyard, and finding new friends at Calas Galadhon, this year’s Christmas is feeling so wonderful. I … Continue reading

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