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Follow-up on “Griefing”

PrimPerfect magazine and Treet.tv Designing Worlds have produced many public service programs over the years. This past Saturday, Saffia Widdershins and Elrik Merlin brought together an outstanding panel of leaders from Second Life’s business and legal community. The panel addressed … Continue reading

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Why No Countermeasure Software?

There are several techniques being used by griefers to crash servers and cause individual users video cards to blow up. In both cases they seem to be using a scripting language (LSL), not some sophisticated virus to cause the attacks. A computer … Continue reading

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Relentless Griefing Attacks

When I first heard the term “Griefing” in Second Life I wasn’t sure what it was referring to. For those who aren’t familiar with the term, it refers to attacks launched against sims or people. In the past, these attacks could … Continue reading

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Double Yay 100 Times! iRez.me Back Online!

When I began writing for iRez.me virtual salon, aka I Rez Therefore I Am magazine, I was very happy with the new doors that opened. First of all, if you get to know the wild & crazy and brilliant Vaneeesa Blaylock, … Continue reading

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My Firestorm Again

The recent photoshoot with Berry, Becky, Van and me made me very aware that I need to get a V3 code base viewer. Since I’ve tried Firestorm twice before, I decided to go with it again. I uninstalled my Phoenix … Continue reading

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Pure Imagination

I keep telling people who listen that, for me, Second Life is a playground for the imagination. I mean this in the purest sense and to the extent I can, I live that idea. Today I was testing my speedboat using Phoenix before making my … Continue reading

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Indifference? Disengagement? Whatever

If you haven’t read about Linden Lab’s JIRA “upgrade” then I suggest starting with Inara Pey’s post and great commentary. Also, Mr Crap’s post rips into it but includes links to some sources of news & views. I’ve only engaged on JIRA … Continue reading

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