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“Whatcha Say”

I’m listening to Jason Derulo singing “Watcha Say” and it has me in the mood to race into Second Life and find some club playing hawt tunes.  Ok, tune just changed to Black Eyed Peas singing “I Gotta Feeling” and it’s … Continue reading

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It’s Like This…

I got an email from Microsoft’s Bing, it’s their 5th anniversary. Along with the email was a link to Bing Gallery, and I saw a pic I liked. I started browsing then I saw this picture I really, really like. It … Continue reading

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Three Months Have Passed

It’s been three months since I left Second Life. Nothing Left to Give I didn’t really know why I was leaving and I’m not sure even now. I was disappointed in Second Life. I had nothing left to give to anyone. I … Continue reading

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Journal – Being Pushed Away

Since arriving in Florida, my human and I have been in a struggle. She wants to spend more time in real life and this leaves me less time to spend in my virtual life. Our struggle also leaves less time for … Continue reading

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Longing For My Old Life

There’s been too much traffic in my world lately, mostly coming from my human. Only two weeks ago she was sick so I’ve been hoping she’d take it easy, but no. Thanksgiving came on fast and we took off. And all the goings-on … Continue reading

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Flat As A Pancake

My human is feeling better this morning. Rather than feeling like she was run over by a steamroller, she feels more like she’s just flat as a pancake. heh. Improvements, no matter how indistinct, are welcome though. I made it inworld last night. Spent … Continue reading

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Sick & Hurting

I’m sick. I’m hurting. It’s the human, of course. Technically I’m not sick. If I don’t feel better by tommorrow I’ll have to go to the doctor. Any promises I’ve made to do things will have to wait till I can … Continue reading

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