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The Heavy Lifting Is Done!

My “brown-out” period has mostly ended. The heavy lifting is mostly done. My human stayed up till 3am EST (her time) last night, unpacking, moving things around, fiddling with the air conditioner, watching the latest news about General Petraeus. She … Continue reading

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A Virtual Life Brown-out

Everyone knows real life has priority over our second lives, but right now I wish I could ignore my human’s real life. I’m on the move again, we are moving to our new home. My Virtual Life On Hold We’ve … Continue reading

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A Journey Through Space and Time

It’s been less than two weeks since I declared radio silence. In that time my human has packed up our lives and we’ve embarked on a journey through the real world. How many times have I quoted T.S. Eliot, “Our beginnings never know … Continue reading

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Begin Radio Silence

I guess it won’t be complete “radio silence” but the next two weeks will be very challenging. My human is way behind where she hoped we’d be in preparing for the move to a new life in the real world. I’ll probably … Continue reading

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Shoutout for Gunny

This is for my bluesy friends who haven’t heard that Guncarver “Gunny” Woodget has reopened his blog, Wanderings of an Amused Muse. Gunny has spent a lot of time expressing himself on this blog and I hope friends will drop by … Continue reading

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Lost and Adrift

I’m sorry to say that this year has become a time where I’m more and more lost in my thoughts. My human’s decision to move to Seattle has hurled me into a state of confusion that is rivaled only by her own. … Continue reading

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NEW Home for Being Yordie Sands

It has been a stressful decision process, but I’ve decided to discontinue Being Yordie Sands on Google Blogger. The reasons are discussed on my last post “official” post Coming: A Very Difficult Change. I’ve chosen WordPress as the new home. … Continue reading

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