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SL10B – Morning of the Final Day

I spent some time at Second Life’s 10th Birthday fairgrounds this morning. There was nowhere near the number of people there, less than fifty I counted. I wanted to get some photos of places I hadn’t photographed already. I played around with … Continue reading

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Some Favorite Pics from SL10B

I spent a lot of time at SL10B today. I wandered far and wide, and hither and yon too. My Personal Favorites… today There are so many wonderful exhibits that I hate to pick favorites, but on this day I … Continue reading

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The ‘Avatar Pride Parade’ 2013

That wild and wonderful woman of the world Vaneeesa Blaylock organized an “Avatar Pride Parade” for Saturday morning SLT time. It was a chance for peeps to come and show some avatar pride! Unfortunately, we crashed the starting sim before half … Continue reading

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SL9B: Hanging Around, Listening

Yes, today is Second Life’s official 9th Birthday. And I’ve been hanging around observing things, sometimes from afar, sometimes right at the Welcome Area with greeters and I’ve done a lot of wandering around. Normally, I’m able to take on … Continue reading

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Philip to Speak @ SL9B?

Ok, let me quash this rumor before it gets started. Now, let’s see if that actually quashes anything. All I know is, I heard somebody ASK if  Philip Rosedale is going to speak at SL9B. And the only reason this seems to … Continue reading

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SL9B Secret Passage

Ok, so you are finding that tp’ing directly into SL9B’s Welcome Area is not so easy? Yes, there are huge crowds pouring in there every day (I’ve rarely seen the overall crowd at less than 250) and most of them … Continue reading

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SL9B Discovering Egypt

Last night I tp’d Leanna into SL9B. If you haven’t come yet, please get it on your calendar for at least one day in the next nine (only 8 days left after tonight). And by the way, there’s a huge … Continue reading

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