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The Great Matsumoto Castle

A few days ago PrimPerfect ran an article about Hosoi Ichiba, one of my favorite places in all of Second Life. I was even asked my Amiryu Hosoi to be one of her spokespeople and to work with PrimPerfect but … Continue reading

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Dragons in the Rice Fields

Today was the 2nd performance of the Yume No Ukihashi Okiya, celebrating Japanese New Year. The show was billed as “When Dragons Ruled the Skies”, performed in the rice fields of Japan Chubu, under the presence of the great Matsumoto … Continue reading

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The Artistry of Junkyard Blues, Part 2

I learned a lot of Second Life sailing recently. I’ve learned that some problems I had ascribed to my own poor seamanship were, erm, mostly due to problems crossing sim (what did I expect, right?). Ntl, I’ve switched to motor … Continue reading

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Springtime @ Calas Galahon

One morning last week I snuck away for an hour and just wandered around Calas Galadhon. It was springtime and as always, my mood filled out with that joyfulness that comes from being in such beautiful surroundings. Winter at Calas … Continue reading

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Amazing Builder, Ryusho Ort

Do you recall how taken I was when I first discovered the¬†China Tang Dynasty sim? And you may also recall how shocked and saddened I was when it disappeared one unhappy day. Much of the work of that sim was … Continue reading

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A Great Beauty Is Gone

I can’t begin to describe my shock yesterday. I wanted to take a friend over to see one of my Wonders of Second Life, namely the China Tang Empire. So, I pulled up the LM’s About and was puzzled to … Continue reading

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Ballooning Across Calas Galadhon

After visiting with Zoe last night, I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do. I’ve been trying to stay away for my newly discovered gem, Calas, but I had seen the free balloon ride near the entrance and since … Continue reading

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Heavy Thoughts, Dark, and Deep

The woods are lovely, dark, and deep,/ but I have promises to keep… yada yada yada. Does anyone not know this poem or who wrote it? I spent quite a bit of time carrying my heavy thoughts along with me … Continue reading

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