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A Great Beauty Is Gone

I can’t begin to describe my shock yesterday. I wanted to take a friend over to see one of my Wonders of Second Life, namely the China Tang Empire. So, I pulled up the LM’s About and was puzzled to … Continue reading

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Ballooning Across Calas Galadhon

After visiting with Zoe last night, I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do. I’ve been trying to stay away for my newly discovered gem, Calas, but I had seen the free balloon ride near the entrance and since … Continue reading

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Heavy Thoughts, Dark, and Deep

The woods are lovely, dark, and deep,/ but I have promises to keep… yada yada yada. Does anyone not know this poem or who wrote it? I spent quite a bit of time carrying my heavy thoughts along with me … Continue reading

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The Gift of Calas Galadhon

From the moment I landed at Calas Galadhon I knew I was in an extraordinary part of Second Life. Calas Galadhon is the first sim in an eight sim group, created by Tymus Tenk & Truck Meredith. It is much … Continue reading

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Yordie’s Wonders of Second Life

Awhile back I mulled the idea of putting together a list of the most beautiful sim groups I’ve discovered in Second Life. It may sound a bit pretentious for me to think that I have the ability to do this, … Continue reading

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Cruising The Second Seas

My human took a placement test when she was in her 20s. Her aptitude identified many possible career choices including that of a Geographer. My human found that to be a fascinating pick but did not pursue that path. However, … Continue reading

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