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Draxtor Despres On Second Life

In my self-imposed exile from Second Life I find myself spending time looking at SL through the eyes of those still trying to make the virtual world work. I’ve been especially impressed by Draxtor Despres work and especially “The Drax Files Radio Hour with … Continue reading

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I, Tomb Raider

On Friday afternoon I finished my adventure as Lara Croft, Tomb Raider, and another “Survivor” was born. I was 98% complete when I finished, not bad I suspect. Here’s a vid that gives a look into Lara’s world and what … Continue reading

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Being Lara Croft

I finally found an Xbox game that I can identify with, “Tomb Raider“. Yanno, Lara Croft® and all. It’s so obvious that this is the kind of game for me. So, you might think, why did it take you so … Continue reading

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Linden Lab is Headless Again

It’s old news now, but I just learned this morning that Linden Lab’s CEO, Rod Humble, left his job at the Lab about two weeks ago. And apparently Will Wright, a close associate of Rod’s, has left the Linden Lab … Continue reading

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Yordie Sands on XBox

It all started around our house with football season, we began playing NFL Fantasy Football, then “Madden 25” game on Xbox. Now, I know quite a bit about football, but I’m still struggling with all the details of offenses and defenses, not to mention … Continue reading

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Yordie Sands InWorldz, Yay!

I’m so relieved. I finally recreated my Yordie Sands shape InWorldz and then I went on a shopping spree. I found a hairstyle (Dala by EMO-tions) that I have in Second Life then a skin, pair of eyes and some jeans at REDGRAVE. I was very happy … Continue reading

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Sneaking Around InWorldz

I signed up for an InWorldz account about two years ago, but I just got around to sneaking in and taking a peek at things this week. Right away I was pretty anxious when I saw my avi (below), she’s like v0.001 beta style. Anyway, … Continue reading

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