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The New Harvest Moon Cafe

I mentioned it a couple days ago, there’s a new Harvest Moon Cafe. This new cafe is only partially furnished but it is very different than the old cafe. For one thing, it’s got two stories and while the first … Continue reading

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Yordie’s Zen Garden Photo Study

Yordie’s Zen Garden has always been a Japanese style strolling garden. However, the garden has always had a separate section that contains a true Zen rock garden. That was true in the past and it is true in this garden … Continue reading

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Yordie’s Zen Garden @ Yemple

Yordie’s Zen Garden was located in the center of a bamboo forest with a beautiful mountain water source feeding a large meandering pond. And as always, we’ve striven to create an environment that is very consistent with the spirit of the … Continue reading

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Koniki Creates Time For Our Work

Part 15, The Samurai & The Geisha I’ve spoken of my cousin, Koniki. She is like a little sister to me and she is the first person I thought of when Takamatsu sama realized we needed someone to run the … Continue reading

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Garden Update

Yes, there will be bamboo at the new garden; of course, there will be bamboo in the garden. In fact, I have already setup hundreds of bamboo prims (more on this below). That’s me, sitting atop the huge volcanic rock … Continue reading

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Under Construction

There will be a new Yordie’s Zen Garden soon. Actually, there have been four (4) prior Yordie’s Zen Gardens. The first was at Rieul in 2007 with 1024sqm. Next came Gayltsen in 2008 with 2048sqm, then Chodron in 2009 with … Continue reading

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More Changes @ Yordie’s Zen Garden

For the past several weeks, Tak have been working on upgrading Yordie’s Zen Garden. We started with the teahouse, then Tak made a new bridge with the color scheme used on the teahouse. Well, this led to that and we … Continue reading

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