Fallout 4: The Faction Turning Point

If you play Fallout 4 you already know that once you start the Institute questline it will lead to you being forced to pick an option that will make an enemy of one of the three non-Institute factions.

SPOILER: Mass Fusion quest: I’m level 77 and I’ve done a lot to keep all the factions happy even though I’m a Minuteman, all the way, girl. I’ve begun trying out some other lines of play and so far I haven’t found a way to get the Beryllium Agitator without making an enemy of BoS or the Institute. I want to stay friendly with BoS because I want to bring Paladin Danse into sphere of control and all that. So far, I’m looking at killing a named Institute character but that’s no panacea. I’m also considering just letting the whole Mass Fusion quest hang in limbo.

I’m trying out a lot of ideas but more and more I think I might need to head back to the Battle of Bunker Hill and just kill Father. In the past I’ve played out the Institute ending (sucks), Brotherhood ending (kinda sucks), and the Minuteman ending (my preferred ending). I’ve never considered the Railroad ending even though I like the characters, but they are just too nuts to get behind. I know I want the Minuteman ending, but I want the Brotherhood to complete Liberty Primed; even though LP could be a very rough road with them having that monster robot, I’m curious and want to see what happens.

I realize I could probably find the answers to a lot of my questions by watching vids and reading Reddit and the Fandom Wiki, but I love the process of discovery. So, there’s a lot of gaming ahead for me; not to mention three DLCs waiting to be initiated.

More to come.

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