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Fallout 76: Scorch Beasts

In the past I’ve mentioned my Scorch Beast kills and I’m now at 40+. Each kill costs a lot of ammo, but I’m getting better with my technique (reducing the ammo consumption). Anyway, there are Scorch Beasts of various sizes … Continue reading

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Fallout 76: Belly of the Beast

My Sandy character has surpassed my Yordie character; I’m currently Level 70. I got to this level by completing the Belly of the Beast quest. It’s a quest which many have done but I did it solo, killing FIVE Scorch … Continue reading

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Fallout 76: Level 60 and I’m Crazy!

Okay, I’ve been playing Fallout 76 WAY TOO MUCH, especially this past weekend when I’m sure I was identified as an addicted player. Fiddleedee. I enjoy the game a great deal and I’m making friends but haven’t joined a group … Continue reading

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The Decade Club

Ten days ago was my 10th rez day. Yay! I’m ten years old or as Seth Regan advised me, I’m now a member of The Decade Club. So how could I not go on a sentimental journey? That evening I logged … Continue reading

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Linden’s Extra Prims

It wasn’t revolutionary, but it got my attention–Linden properties have 33% more prims. I’ve continued to own my Linden Home even though I’m rarely in SL, but the extra prims drew me in. For my property gained about 60 prims … Continue reading

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Number Nine, Number…

In less than a month I will have been virtually alive for nine years, Yordie Sands that is. This thought was on my mind today when I logged in to Second Life. I’d been thinking a lot about my first really magic moments … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas 2014

And a Happy New Year 2015!  

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