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Second Life: Return to Calas Galadhon

I keep dropping into SL and poking around, but today I teleported into the giant Calas Galadhon park, run by Truck Meredith and Tymus Tenk. I’d been there many times in the past and it was great to get back … Continue reading

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Fallout 76: New CAMP at Twin Lakes

I was an explorer in Second Life and I’m an explorer in Fallout 76; well, I’m just an explorer by natures. Anyway, one of the most beautiful areas in FO76 is Twin Lakes. I had a camp there once before … Continue reading

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Fallout 76: Atop Seneca Rocks

A few months ago I mentioned my curiosity with one of Fallout 76’s beautiful mountain rangers, Seneca Rocks. It was screaming out to me to find a way to the top but only in the past month did I find … Continue reading

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Fallout 76: My New C.A.M.P. Store

That’s it, the new store. It took me several hours to build it, but it’s in business again. It’s a beautiful location and I owe it to Oxhorn who had an entire video devoted to finding a place for his … Continue reading

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Second Life New England Flotilla

I think we’d have needed a lot more boats to call ourselves a flotilla, but it was a fun name to tag on our last minute group. I’d talked to Sudane Erato, owner of Second Life New England (SLNE), about … Continue reading

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Zooming Around Junkyard on Easter

I didn’t plan this. I just went over to Junkyard Blues in my Easter Bunny costume, was gonna pay the rent on my boat slip and maybe listen to Doc spin. So there my boat was and I wondered if … Continue reading

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SL “Secret Sauce” – The Secret Ingredient

There are still many ingredients to include in the Second Life’s “secret sauce” recipe, but I believe there is a secret ingredient, an ingredient that is more important than all the others. I think the secret ingredient is something mutable as the weather, without singular shape … Continue reading

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