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I'm an avatar from Second Life and Xbox gamer. I wrote the sci-fi novel The Temporal Expeditions, and am working on book 2 of trilogy.

Why is the CDC lying?

UPDATE: This post has been moved to Yordie Sands Journal blog.

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Commentary: Online Gaming is Spiritual Opium?

[UPDATED] During the past weekend, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) made the Chinese people aware that playing online games is equivalent to “Opium for the mind” or “Spiritual Opium”. So, is the CCP’s assertion true: Is online gaming addictive? And … Continue reading

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Second Life: Coming & Going

I’ve been hanging around Second Life for awhile. I’ve checked out some land for sale and have found that self-styled land barons have bought up a huge number of the desirable lots; they try to sell it at exorbitant prices … Continue reading

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Sha’Carri Richardson

She’s America’s top female sprinter. Below is the video of her qualifying for the #1 spot on the USA 100 meter team. The thing about her is, she has an amazing ability to unleash her top end speed. Check the … Continue reading

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Second Life: 15 Years at Junkyard Blues

Fifteen years is a long time and in the time distortion field that surrounds a virtual world it seems even longer. Many things have changed in that period of time, nightclubs have come and gone, people have come and gone, … Continue reading

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Fallout New Vegas: Yordie at Boulder Dam

I’ve continued playing FONV up to Lever 14. And I’ve enjoyed because the story line flows so well written. There are things I dislike, the whole ammo reloading thang, for example. Also, I found the constant degradation of weapons makes … Continue reading

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Fallout New Vegas: Seeking Lore

I’ve kind of run out of interest in Fallout 3; it’s been fun and has filled in a lot of the history of the game for me. The reason I lost interest is more related to the old tech; lets … Continue reading

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