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I'm an avatar from Second Life and gamer on Xbox. I'm also the author of The Temporal Expeditions sci-fi novel series.

Fallout 4 Again!

I’ve been working my way back into Fallout 4 and becoming aware of how much I’ve forgotten. I’ve also been hanging out on Reddit a bit, learning more about Mods and it looks like I might want to buy the … Continue reading

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Fallout 76: Cancelled Fallout 1st

My Yordie character reached Level 166 last week, and Zahava character reached 162. Nonetheless, I’ve taken the first step in leaving Fallout 76; I cancelled Fallout 1st. I’ve been selling off much of my weapons and armor inventory and moved … Continue reading

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Fallout 76: Moving Forward

The President’s illness, Football games, life stuff, more stuff, and I haven’t played FO76 much in recent days. I haven’t returned to FO4 yet either but I’m thinking about my how I’ll be move forward with gaming. NTL, I am … Continue reading

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Fallout 76: Update 22 Commentary

Fallout 76 Update 22 was rolled out a couple weeks ago. I think most players would say its packed with new features. But the update has made it clear that the release may favor one of the two basic types … Continue reading

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Fallout 76: Microsoft & Bethesda

I’ve been committed to Microsoft since Windows 3.0 and even participated on a couple Microsoft projects because the company I worked for was a Preferred Vendor. I began developing Windows applications using Visual Studio 1.0 (with AFX framework, C/C++) which … Continue reading

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Yo Second Life!

I haven’t been around Second Life much since I started Xbox gaming about six years ago. And I realize I probably haven’t changed my outfit in all those years that have passed, so a couple days ago I dropped in. … Continue reading

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Fallout 76: Yordie (157), Zahava (161)

When the “Wastelanders” DLC was released around April, I decided to start from the beginning of Fallout 76 again. From what I’d read, it was a massive upgrade to the game and I wanted to experience everything as if it … Continue reading

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