Number Nine, Number…

In less than a month I will have been virtually alive for nine years, Yordie Sands that is. This thought was on my mind today when I logged in to Second Life.

I’d been thinking a lot about my first really magic moments in SL, no not virtual romance. It was building my Zen gardens and teahouses, and ultimately the Harvest Moon Café.

I created several gardens and cafes in my first six years and there are many photo albums with pictures of each in my Flickr Photostream (check the seven “Zen Gardens” albums). Many of the photos are old school, but the magic was there.

Creating the gardens brought real joy to my spirit. None of the gardens never really lived up to the expectations I had of them, but my memories of them and the activities that revolved around them are still strong.

Anyway, I went over to one of the sandboxes and rezzed the Harvest Moon Café from Dakota Falls. The structure was created from two POST designs that I’d modified into one, created a stage area.

Yordie Sands, Photographer

Harvest Moon Café (a modified POST design), rezzed again in 2016.

Below, the Café stands over the waterfall pond at Dakota Falls in 2013. And if you look really close you can see me in both photos. In the bottom one I’m Geisha Yordie preparing for a show. Memories are amazing!

Yordie stars as Second Life geisha

As the sun fades in the sky,
the lamps are lit
and the ochaya comes to life.


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Slinking Around

I’ve been tiptoeing around, laying low in SL for a few days. I found my way to Book Island and will probably setup a cubby hole there when–well, if–I finish my novel.

Yordie Sands, Writer

I chose this storefront because it has a nice
a nice little path behind it leading to a garden.

I was also delighted that one of my old blog posts delighted a Second Lifer I’d never met, a one SecondBlood Priestly. He’s a wily wolf and was the builder of the “magnificent flying machine” I discovered while exploring, back in my early days in SL.

Yordie Sands Photographer

This is the “Magnificent Flying Machine” I discovered
on my 5th Expedition, 2008, on the Sansara Continent.

Anyway, we met at his place in Lusk, and went to a sandbox to rez the old beauty. I hadn’t had time to actually ride in it when I was exploring, so we took it for a spin. Well, not actually, although it is in the sky and held down but a “single peg” as Blood noted.

Yordie Sands, Photographer

You can see SecondBlood and I aboard
his Magnificent Flying Machine.

I’ve found SL to be very much the same as when I roamed the land, but I doubt that I’ll ever lead a second life like I had in the past.

My novel continues to thrill and confound me. I’m on my fourth draft and the writing is finally going well again. I came to a monumental decision to split the third draft into two books, because the first part of the novel was one sci-fi genre and the second part was mostly a different genre. More to come.

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Just Realized…

Yordie Sands

Yordie Sands photo by Strawberry Singh

It happened over a month ago and I didn’t realize I’d missed it until reading Strawberry Singh’s post, “8 Years in Second Life”. Me too. My eighth Rez Day came and passed on April 6th.

It’s not like I’m in Second Life a lot, but I did spend a little time inworld during the past year. I still have a Linden House and bought some new Mesh furniture recently. So I’m claiming my eighth. Yay!

It’s also a good time to introduce a new headshot I had taken recently by Berry herself. It’s for a non-SL project I’m working on and it’s a work in progress, but I think it looks great. So, thank you Berry.

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Merry Christmas 2014

Yordie Sands, Photographer

Merry Christmas to all the avatar people in Second Life.

And a Happy New Year 2015!


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“Whatcha Say”

I’m listening to Jason Derulo singing “Watcha Say” and it has me in the mood to race into Second Life and find some club playing hawt tunes.  Ok, tune just changed to Black Eyed Peas singing “I Gotta Feeling” and it’s making me so frisky. I really miss that about SL. I loved that whole “tonight’s gonna be a good night” feeling. That was so great for me, especially living in that tiny town in northern Idaho. But I also fear SL anymore, I go in and feel the weight of expectations. And then there was that addiction thing, I was really addicted to SL for way too long.

I think I mentioned this in the past but I’ve tried returning to SL using a couple different new avatars since declaring that I’d left SL. Both times it wasn’t the same at all, even though one of my guy friends joined me to play for awhile. Neither attempt lasted more than a few weeks. The thing is, I’m just not me unless I’m Yordie Sands. Sorry to keep bringing this up again and again, but I still find it surprising.

I’ve notice that some of my old friends have faded away. Others are doing new and exciting things. LeLe has a really nice club, and of course, Vaneeesa is organizing new and exciting events. I miss everyone I ever knew. Well, almost everyone. The thing is, the Florida weather and endless sunshine has changed my whole body rhythm.

Oh, oh! Rhianna is wailing “We Found Love”. Dang, if that doesn’t get you going then I just don’t know! Hey, “We found love in a hopeless place!” *smiles* and love to everyone.

Yordie Sands, Photographer

Just me snapping a quckie while I was in SL.

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Saturday @ SL11B

I beamed into SL11B a couple times on Saturday. I continued to explore and ended up seeing a whole lot more than I had planned.

Yordie Sands avatar

All the treats on this table cost only a handful of Mesh objects.
And all of that stuff would have taken dozens of Prims.
Mesh has truly transformed how you can broaden your SL.

Virtual Fantasy Life

That’s me atop Callie Cline’s SL11B cake…
Oh, yeah, and I’m also caught between two of her kitties. 🙂

Yordie Sands Photography

I saw several exhibits by SL military supporters.
I have enormous respect for our military and allies,
and I am glad to see builds that demonstrate commitment.

Star of virtual fantasy life

This is a kiosk that presents dozens of SL topics
for you to mull and cast a vote on with Facebook.
If you care about SL, I think it’s worth your while to make your opinion known.

I’m glad I attended this event. Hope you enjoyed it too.

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Walking Through SL11B

I’ve visited Second Life’s 11th Birthday celebration a couple times so far this week. This year is clearly the year when Mesh rules! The level of detail that Mesh objects provides is truly astounding. And despite the disenfranchisement of all the peeps who enjoyed working with Prim objects, there is little doubt that top Mesh content creators are changing SL forever, and for the better.

In past years I made a point of visiting virtually all the exhibits at these birthday parties, but this year I just focused on soaking in the exhibits that really drew me in. In one case, I might not have really noticed the exhibit from the outside but the builder gave me a shoutout and I was amazed at what I found (more on this below). Following you find a few of my SL11B photos and I’ve posted several more on my Flickr page.

Yordie Sands photography

On opening night the entire SL11B grid was packed.
I managed to make my way to the Impressive Stage.
The music was great and I hung out with Wizzy for awhile.



I caught the tail end of the Luxe Paris fashion show.
The show was fun and it was an good example of events at SL11B.
Unfortunately, there just wasn’t enough time for everything to rez up.


Yordie Sands photos

This is atop Wizzy Gynoid’s huge geometric structure.
I tried to fit the whole thing into a pic but it was too tall.
If you look at the top of the pic, you’ll see a little me flying.


Yordie Sands photography

This is the entrance to one of my favorite builds so far.
Cousin Savy Sands saw me wandering around and pointed me to his build.
This is “A Little Dream of Italy” and it’s located on the Pizzazz sim.
It’s a lovely place to visit and a nice spot to take a break from all the goings on.
I posted several more photos on my Flickr page – check it yo! And check out the build inworld.

This SL birthday has been a very appealing experience for me. I’ve only seen a couple friends and acquaintances, because I’m moving around incognito (“Online” status box off). I know some people get upset when you uncheck the status box, and I’m sorry about that but I’m hoping to meet friends at the event.

I’ve learned a lot about how much SL has progressed since the last birthday. I’m very hopeful that Second Life will continue to evolve. I heard Ebbe Altberg speak about the work that is beginning on a new architecture for SL, and this would be a cause for concern but I also heard him discussing means of porting to the new platform. I hope that Linden Lab employees are taking the time to enjoy the world that there software created. And I would ask them to study the products of SL content creators.

It is amazing to consider that people of all nationalities from across this planet have come together on this electronic grid and created a virtual world and a virtual fantasy life! AMAZING!

I’m planning to make at least one more visit before it closes on Sunday. So, hopefully I’ll seen some of you there. And hopefully there are more photos that simply must be taken!

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