Fallout 76: Level 60 and I’m Crazy!

Okay, I’ve been playing Fallout 76 WAY TOO MUCH, especially this past weekend when I’m sure I was identified as an addicted player. Fiddleedee. I enjoy the game a great deal and I’m making friends but haven’t joined a group or a team yet. I need to get a headset/mic so I can talk to people because text really sucks with Xbox. I’m seriously thinking about it though, but I’m also seriously writing Book II of my sci-fi series.

Anyway, I’ve made a lot of progress climbing the Levels since the last post. I had a back to back double leveling up days, primarily spurred on by the silly “Graham’s Meat Week”. The thing about the Meat week is there’s a chance to kill a lot of Legendary creatures in a very short window and this adds up when you’re climbing the levels. I did the whole thing, even searched Appalachia for carrots to make a non-meat specialty for Graham.

The achievement I’m most happy about is my solo takedown of a Scorch Beast. While I was out looking for carrots, one of those nasty fiends came after me. In the past I used my invisibility to help keep me out of its grasp, but this time I pulled out my power armor, snapped a 250 round magazine into my 50 caliber machine gun (with armor piercing and other good things) and went after that beast. It took about 500 rounds to bring the beast down and then I was attacked by an irradiated bear. I’m wearing Level 45 Excavator armor, even though I have Level 50 T-60 armor; there’s a reason but it would have been wiser for me to be wearing the T-60.

Yordie Sands & Scorch Beast

That’s me right after I killed the Scorch Beast and bear.

Yordie in Fallout 76

This pic will give you a better sense of the beast’s size.

Anyway, I also moved my CAMP/store back to where I was originally, on the safe side of the Savage Divide. It’s a short story, but suffice it to say I just wasn’t ready for that neighborhood. I’m glad to be back in safer terrain, but after my recent successes I might move back in another 10 or so levels. Below is my new store.

Yordie Sands Fallout 76 CAMP

That’s the new store in the identical spot of the old store.

If you are wondering, I’m really too old to be playing this kind of game; I suppose. And I’m concerned that the gaming is taking me away from my writing project. Geez, if I wrote every day for the next two years I might get all three books out in 2021, and that’s the goal. Book I is done and at the publisher, scheduled to be ready for the holidays. More on this later; I’ve got to get back to the game! HAHAHA.


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Fallout 76: My New C.A.M.P. Store

That’s it, the new store. It took me several hours to build it, but it’s in business again. It’s a beautiful location and I owe it to Oxhorn who had an entire video devoted to finding a place for his C.A.M.P. by the water. I’ve watched a lot of his videos lately and he’s a real joy with his cigar, scotch and suspenders set to maximum stun. Haha.

That’s me admiring my work.

Fallout 76 lets you place your camp wherever you can find space. A lot of people congregate closer to the massive market place called Whitesprings Resort. Unfortunately, almost every time I play the game, someone launches a nuclear missile into it and it wipes out the surrounding area. Anyway, this camp/vendor feature makes FO76 a very interesting game. It’s not like the beauty of creating Japanese and Zen gardens in Second Life, but when you find a great site it’s really lovely.

This is a photo of the area where my camp is located.
It’s quite lovely considering that this is a post-apocalyptic world.

I think I’ll have an ice cold Nuka Cola!


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Fallout 76 WOW! Over My Head!

Okay, I was playing it safe in my usual way. Building resources, exploring, figuring things out and all. Then today… HOLY MOLY! I began to narrow down on an important quest that I’m pretty sure everyone eventually comes to, but I pressed my luck because I have a lot of stealthy tech and figured I could slip in… and well. Yeah, stealth can get you in close but you may not make it out alive. Heh.

I made it to a bunker which I won’t disclose and was fighting off some pretty high level Scorched when two Scorch Beasts attacked. And that was before it got really bad!! FORTUNATELY, a team of very high level dudes (way over Level 100) rushed in to help me and that caused me to fight with renewed vigor, but those dudes had badass power armor and I had left mine back in my camp. So I was way under armored and even my best gun was no match for what was coming at me. There were giant Mierlurks, Deathclaws and I believe I saw the Scorch Beast Queen. Like I said, at level 46, I was way in over my head. But WOW, it was so exciting.

When I got killed, one of the big dudes hit me with a Stimpak and that kept me going for a few more minutes, but the second time I got killed I didn’t ask for help. Unfortunately, when you die, you RESPAWN and–oh, did I mention that during the battle someone dropped a nuclear missile right next to the bunker?–I respawned right at ground zero of the nuke strike. Heh. Long story short, I got out after burning through a dozen of my own Stimpacks and clearing out all my ammo for my best gun. Heh. I did make it to my camp, got my Power Armor and headed back with a Plasma Gatling and I gave a better account of myself and killed my first Scorch Beast. So a grand time was had by all, but I had to checkout later because I was so amped up. Still am!

Back at camp I took a last look at my old camp. It’s come quite a way since I started but I want a more central location, and I plan to make it a cooler and more fun place to visit. This Vendor thing is really a winner for Fallout 76. So here’s a big WAY TO GO!

That’s me checking out my store.
It’s time to move though, so more to come.

CRITICISMS: I totally understand the criticisms this game has received. Even now, after some very good patches, the servers still drop a couple times every four hours, and it can take a long time to get back in. And the lack of NPCs is only partially compensated for with live players.

BRAVOS: The lack of NPCs is compensated a lot by other players who are, for the most part great people. I play on “Pacifist Mode” and can’t be easily attacked by bad actors, but bad actors have their tricks. Nonetheless, today, when the big boys came to save me it was great. I wish I knew who they were but there wasn’t time for taking names, if you get my meaning.

I’m all in on Fallout 76! 13 Star Flag and all.


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Fallout 76 Level 30

Yessie, I’ve been playing Fallout 76 for a couple months now. I steered clear of the game after all the reports of its many bugs and sloppy design last year. And I’m glad I did because I can truthfully say that I am delighted with the new game. Nonetheless, it was a challenging transition for me, into the world of multi-player games.

That’s me in my sniper outfit.

Yesterday I reached Level 30 and I have a lot of things going for me now, like a good sniper rifle, half-way decent armor, a cute outfit, 5,000+ caps and a store. Yes, I opened my own Level 30 store. It has three vendor machines that I’ve maxed out with all categories of items. I learned that the player owned stores is new feature from Bethesda, and I think it’s a home run.

That me standing in front of the store with my sniper’s rifle.
I just killed a pack of radrats and there’s a bunch of feral ghouls nearby. Heh.

I’ve never enjoyed player-vs-player games like World of Warcraft, but FO76 is a different slant on it. They have introduce a battle royal add-on to the game, but I’ve chosen to avoid all the PvP for now. Maybe once I get good at the game I’ll take a chance though.

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Fallout 4: Level 100

SPOILER ALERT: I reached Level 100 last night, currently at 24 “Days” (whatever the Days counter means). I’m still only playing on the Normal Setting and even though I think I can handle the next harder setting I’m still more interested in building my settlements than in fighting even harder mutants and all manner of crazed beings out to kill me and my settlers. I’m also at peace with all three major Factions (Minutemen, Brotherhood and Railroad) and even at peace with Far Harbor’s Children of Atom and the Synths at Acadia.

Nonetheless, I really dislike the Brotherhood because they pester me about “including [my] brothers and sisters… [yada, yada]”. I also dislike their whole fascist point of view, but when you look at the Commonwealth as a dangerous place, they Brotherhood is a force for controlling the evil. I also like some of the characters like Paladin Danse, Proctor Quinlin (plus his cat) and Proctor Ingram, and to some extent I even like “Elder” Maxon. I wouldn’t mind going to war against them though, and if somehow they get that damned Liberty Prime badass thang, then it is war for sure.

I own several add-ons: Far Harbor, Vault-Tec Workshops (didn’t like the batsh*t ghoul Overseer at all), two other workshops, and I’m considering buying Automatron but don’t think I’d like Nuka-World. I own many of the Creation Club items including the Noir Penthouse and both other houses, plus I bought dogs for all of my settlements (now at 15 fully functioning).

Yordie Sands Fallout 4

A quick look at linked northern settlement.
I’m thinking of adding additional provisioners.

All of my settlements are now manned with at least 15 people, although I’m still building up The Slog (currently 8). My big three settlements–Sanctuary, Starlight, The Castle–have 20 people each. Half of the people at each settlement are assigned to Defense, the other half are either Farmers or work at the bars, stores or are doctors. All settlements have three stores but the big ones have two additional, and Sanctuary has a Slocum’s Joe, right there, inside the fortifications… pretty cool and I like having it there but it hasn’t seemed to add to my revenues.

Yordie Sands Fallout 4

Yordie’s Slocums Joe at Sanctuary Hills

All of my settlements have a dog, a brahmin, caravan rest areas, 100w Fusion power and many have Level 4 weapons for defense (I especially like the rocket launchers). I’m not using artillery yet, but maybe in the future.

Here’s a look at my workshop inside the walls of the “Green Jewel of the Commonwealth”. Notice all my bobbleheads. I have all of them now. Oh, and that weird suit of combat armor, that’s Marine combat armor from Far Harbor. I have so many suits of power armor that I have a half-dozen stashed at large settlements, and the others are stashed at my townhouse. I even have one suit at the Noir Penthouse.

Yordie Sands Fallout 4

Yordie’s workshop with bobblehead collection

Another thing is my list of favorite characters and companions. I really like Deacon and now that I have Cait suited up in tough looking military gear (with a cute Combat Armor Helmet), she is cute. They are my favorite companions but I still prefer to go adventuring alone most of the time. I also like Old Longfellow but really have no use for Preston or Paladin Danse. As for named characters, I really enjoy Tinker Tom, The Mariner and Magnolia. I also despise everyone’s favorite downer couple, the Longs. There are many others of course, but in general the characters and companions are a great part of this game. And lest I forget, I adore my doggie, Dogmeat, the sweet German shepherd and crazed killer companion: “Everything okay boy?” /me smiles

Anyway, I could go on and on about this game (and probably will) but at Level 100 you develop a perspective. I want to remember this. I’ll be writing some negative things about the game when I’m in a different mood, like how it is infested with anomalies. Lah-dee-dah. I’m also been looking into Fallout 76 but that will be an online game and I’m not sure I’m up for that. Maybe. Thinking about it.


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Fallout 4: My Settlements

I’m still playing at the ‘Regular’ skill level and have reached level 54, and only recently entered the Institute. I’m in no hurry to get to the end and just hope the game won’t push me too fast because I’m enjoying finding new ways to build settlements and add features. I currently have eleven settlements if you include Greygarden, and most recently adding Bunker Hill. All of my settlements have over 10 settlers of which half are on defense, and my biggest settlements (three now) all have 20 settlers with the same ratio of defenders.

Building settlements is very challenging because each one is on very different terrain and building features. Sanctuary Hill and The Castle are the most straight forward settlements, and places like Tenpines Bluff and Hangman’s Alley (work in progress) are both very challenging. My rule for big settlements: they must have an above ground water source. I don’t know if that rule makes sense, but it seems to be how events have unfolded. All of my settlements, except Greygarden, have a bar, a dog and a brahmin. The bars and stores payoff every day and I’m basically rich now: walking around money around 40-50,000 caps plus dozens of gold bars, pre-war currency, dozens of sets of combat armor, powerful weapons, and of course, my luxury apartment in a city unnamed. 🙂 Oh yeah… and Jack, I’m cool… you dig?

This is the center of my Starlight Drive-In settlement.
Basically, sleeping quarters below, stores and bar above.

This is the center of my County Crossing settlement.
I had some good ideas but I need to do a redesign on this one.

It’s nighttime at Oberland Station and a few of the farmers are at the bar.

Yeah, I bought the Picket Fences add-on to get some decent looking furnishings. 🙂

And those are my favorite power armor suits. Love the crome X-01 in the back. I call them ‘The Boys’. *giggles*I play this game too many hours of the day, but it beats listening to CNBC all day for the latest market swings.


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Fallout 4 Continued…

Okay, I went back into Fallout 4 on “Regular” level. It was obviously harder than “Easy” level but after I got a good sniper rifle (a ‘pimped out’ 308 bolt action with scope) things started to settle down. I intended to go grab all the goodies I knew about, but I quickly learned that the difficulty slowed me down enough to make it always interesting. Also, at the regular setting there were a lot more Legendary enemies I had to overcome.

This is my little bar and restaurant where Sanctuary Hills settlers go after work to share some brew, iguana on a stick, and talk about how they whipped those raiders. heh.

Anyway, I’m currently at Level 34 and despite the fact that I rescued Nick Valentine several levels back, I don’t intend to go looking for Shawn before turn 40 or even later. Right now I have ten linked settlements: Sanctuary, Abernathy, Tenpinnes, Starlight, Greygarden, Oberland, Greenway, Taffington, County Crossing and the Castle. Sanctuary and Starlight are my major settlements (currently 16 each, but I’ll increase them soon) and the Castle is growing to a major settlement quickly.

The thing is, I really like building settlements. It reminds me of my days in Second Life when I would build Zen gardens and different versions of the Harvest Moon Café. Anyway, I finally figured out how to take screenshots in Xbox One, so the lead photo is of my bar and restaurant at Sanctuary Hills. I just love the way that settlers and shop keepers know how to behave in the setting you create. The game is an absolute fascination to me.

PS: I know my little settlement is nothing compare with the prize winners. Those guys are awesome but I still love the building.

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