Fallout 76: Nuclear Winter Solo

Okay, okay. I’ve been thinking about FO76’s battle royal, Nuclear Winter. So, today I tried it out for the first time. First, I realized that there’s a Solo and a Team version, and this sounded great to me. I thought by going solo I could learn how the game is played and yada, yada, yada.

Yordie Sands in FO76

That’s me when I first discovered Vault 51,
the setting for Nuclear Winter

I mean, from my brief experience with multi-player teams so far, I’ve found it to be really difficult because I was the only one with a mic for talking to team members. That lack of communications is supposed to be handled with the emote system, but emotes and clumsy Xbox messaging just suck. (No more complaints about that.)

So I started playing and was killed very quickly, but after reaching level 2 I started getting the hang of it and adopted a sneaky approach to the game; mainly because I kept getting killed by player with ratings above 100. Geezus. But okay, I began watching what those players were doing after I got killed (this is a feature of the game; you can watch what your killer does next). And guess what? I saw that a lot of the players that killed me worked in teams or gangs (3 or 4 players, even more). Huh? WTF? In the Solo game, players were forming teams. My oh my, this really sucks.

Nonetheless, I stuck with my solo mode and managed to kill three players as I climbed to level 7. I’m not sure how I feel about Nuclear Winter yet. I watched some of InnovSurvivalist‘s (Marta Branco) videos (Solo 1, Solo 2) and have a better understanding of how to win. BTW, I really like this girl’s videos and totally support her! She gives great updates on new FO76 Releases and plenty of tips when you got stuck; like Solo Nuclear Winter.

I’m still trying to figure out this whole FO multi-player thing, but the experience reminds me of the crap I encountered when I tried World of Warcraft over a decade ago. Nuclear Winter is much better than WoW, but it’s the gang thing that really upsets me. I’ve read that Bethesda is working on a system to shutout cheating but I suspect it’s going to take a long time. My only reference is that awful WoW experience, so this seems like Deja vu. I’ll keep trying, but I doubt that I’m going very far with it.

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